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Adam & Sahra Linnemann

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Live from GIE + Expo 2021 - The Green Executive and LMN CEO Mark Bradley

Trade shows are finally back and bigger and better than ever. GIE + Expo has over 40,000 people in attendance over three days during the 2021 trade show in Lousiville, Kentucky. Reportedly up by 8% compared to 2019, it's a sign of the times in the green industry and the continued growth in landscaping.

During this week's podcast, LMN CEO Mark Bradley jumps back in as host of the Landscape Disruptors podcast and catches up with The Green Executive husband and wife team from Columbia, Illinois. Industry consultants and passionate landscape business owners Mark Bradley, Adam, and Sahra, chat about business, profit, landscaping trends, and what they see in person and on the ground at GIE + Expo 2021.

About Adam & Sahra Linnemann

The Green Executive® is a husband and wife consulting team of lawn care and landscaping professionals with over 26 years of actively owning and managing a successful landscape company. We’re all business during work hours – but we like to kick back, relax, and enjoy life at the end of the day by sipping on a sweet tea and grilling on Adam’s Big Green Egg!

Adam Linnemann - Helping to teach lawn care and landscaping entrepreneurs to make appropriate investments into their business for maximum returns while providing world-class service, master scheduling, and learning how to get the most out of their team!

Sahra Linnemann - Teaching lawn care and landscaping entrepreneurs how to master their financials while abbreviating their sales cycle, attracting the right customers, and eliminating inefficient operations!

The Green Executive
The Green Executive

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