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Stanley "Dirt Monkey" Genadek


Stanley Genadek was a farm kid who knew how to operate a tractor and drive a truck by the age of 14. He started a small business to pay his way through college. “I had to tell my professors that I own a small business and sometimes will need to leave class to take phone calls from customers.” One day while excusing himself from class he heard the professor say, “Now there goes a businessman.” Stanley now owns and operates Genadek Landscaping & Excavating - which provides those services as well as demolition, shoreline restoration, retaining walls, patio pavers, waterproofing and snow removal for commercial and residential properties in and around Minneapolis-Saint Paul, Minn. With 11 to 12 employees and multiple pickup trucks, dump trucks, backhoes, excavators, pay-loaders and more, he gets the work done year-round all while devoting his spare time to sharing his knowledge and experience on social media with a ever growing audience of followers.
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