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Weston Nicholas

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Building Business - Part Art, Part Strategy

Building a successful business could be summarized as multiple different business functions coming together and working as efficiently and effectively to generate revenue from a product or service. It sounds simple, but the complexities to overcome as a business owner in the start-up phase are endless.

Everything from hiring people, leading people, managing cash flow, managing the business, working on the company, and the list goes on. However, Weston Nicholas's success story as an arborist didn't start out as smooth as you'd think. Like many, he's learned from his experiences and mistakes to build better systems and fill his team gaps as his company continues to grow.

Admittedly, he doesn't have it all figured out, but throughout this episode of Landscape Disruptors with Stanley Genadek, the Dirt Monkey. They discuss everything related to finding a trustworthy partner, not letting your ego get in the way, being singularly focused, hiring slow, managing cash flow, and so much more.

About Weston Nicholas

Wes studied Urban Forestry management at Hennepin Technical College, is a repeat top competitor in MSA tree climbing competition, and is an active member in his local MSA (Minnesota society of arboriculture). He has over a decade of experience in the tree care and urban forestry management industry. Since a young age Wes’s entire life has been dedicated to the careful care and management of trees. Wes always continues to learn and takes a scientific and calculated approach to caring for trees. Wes is an expert communicator and believes that setting honest and clear expectations is critical to completing a project to the highest level of customer satisfaction. Wise words from Wes:

“Caring for trees is a great privilege and a blessing. I always try to give back to the trees by doing what is best for their health and the customer's needs."

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