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Shawn Spencer

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Trials and Tribulations in The Landscape Business

Next time you're feeling the pressure, take a step back, breathe, laugh, smile, and remember who you are and what you are working towards in your landscape company. The stress of running a business in the startup phase can be enormous for an owner-operator to manage. Everything from hiring people, managing people, cash flow problems, material and supply order screw-ups, equipment breakdowns, and the list goes on.

Spencer Lawn Care has been in business for ten years, and despite the ups and downs, he finds the sense of accomplishment from doing the work and being hands-on in the skilled trades far outweighs the low moments.

In this episode of the Landscape Disruptors podcast with Stanley Genadek the Dirt Monkey, Shawn gets down into the details describing the trials and tribulations of operating a landscape company, including the landscape failures. Everything from retaining people, hiring people, equipment and cash flow problems, and the different phases of business. He also talks about how he plans to grow the company in 2022 and become more profitable.

About Shawn Spencer

Hi I'm Shawn Spencer, Owner of Spencer Lawn Care I am currently in my 10th year of business. We offer Landscaping, Lawn Care, and Snow Removal. I'm married to my business partner Savanaha Spencer and we have two beautiful children Miley and Shawn. We also run a second business on our social media pages Spencer Lawn Care on Youtube and Instagram.

Spencer Lawn Care

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