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Ryan Markewich

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The Hiring Debate: Skill Set vs. Cultural Fit in Landscaping

Finding the right people in Landscaping or the skilled trades that are the best fit for your company can be challenging. Do you seek out those with the skills that match up for your hiring role, or do you seek out that rockstar personality who's motivated, wants to work hard, and learn and grow alongside the company?

The answer is frequently both when speaking with the thought leaders in today's green industry, but it's typically not such a simple process to source both skill and the right company culture fit people. Frequently companies attract both the right people and the wrong people. The culture you create within your company can significantly impact productivity and your teams' ability to get the work done on time and budget.

Ryan Markewich spent over 20 years building his Landscape Company, constantly turning the dials, and now has a rock-solid 20+ staff that make up his dream team. Today's generation of landscapers wants more than a paycheque. They want to feel like they contribute to something larger than themselves and belong to a group that means something. Throughout this episode, Ryan and LMN CEO Mark Bradley cover everything from finding the right people, addressing the millennium workforce struggles, and the higher processes that not only attract the people you want but ultimately create a winning elite team of landscape workers.

Ryan Markewich

Ryan started his landscape business, Creative Roots, in 1994. Thirteen years later when he adopted Open Book Management, hired a coach, and started playing The Great Game of Business everything began to change. He went from running the show by himself – while feeling the like the show was running him – to bringing three co-owners on board and educating his employees so they understood the business they way he did. It’s given Ryan the freedom to step back, empower other leaders to step up, and do more of the things he loves – including starting a coaching business so he can show others how they can “put down the shovel” and elevate their business.

Ryan Markewich

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