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Ryan Markewich

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Importance of High Involvement Planning in Landscaping - How To Have The Best Meeting of the Year

What are the elements of a good planning meeting, and why is it so important? In Landscaping, it's already pretty well known that talent is hard to find, so maybe the solution isn't always finding the best people, but the ones that are willing to grow alongside the company and have a great work ethic. Eventually, these staff, if given the right opportunity and support, will become the best people.

If you've been running your landscaping business day-to-day in survival mode, as most have been, you might not even have regular staff meetings on your radar, never-mind an all-inclusive annual planning meeting.

No matter the size, every company should be taking time every year to evaluate the past season and make plans for the next ahead. Everyone needs to have a voice and feel like they have a voice, especially if you are all working towards the same company goals.

Every team will be different, but in this episode of the podcast, Ryan Markewich, Owner of Creative Roots Landscaping, and LMN CEO Mark Bradley talk through the importance of getting your team involved high level and how it drastically changes the company culture and motivation.

The goal is always to improve business results and the lives of the people who drive those results. The company is the product, and there will always be room for improvement. If the people are improving, the chances of the business improving are pretty high.

Ryan Markewich

Ryan started his landscape business, Creative Roots, in 1994. Thirteen years later when he adopted Open Book Management, hired a coach, and started playing The Great Game of Business everything began to change. He went from running the show by himself – while feeling the like the show was running him – to bringing three co-owners on board and educating his employees so they understood the business they way he did. It’s given Ryan the freedom to step back, empower other leaders to step up, and do more of the things he loves – including starting a coaching business so he can show others how they can “put down the shovel” and elevate their business.

Ryan Markewich

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