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Rick Weihl

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Love The Grind - Rick Weihl Shares His Trials and Tribulations on Inventing Landscape Equipment

The man, the myth, the legend, Rick Weihl may have started in landscaping, mowing lawns, and plowing snow, but his true passion led him down the road of inventing equipment to help landscape contractors be more efficient.

Rick worked 12 hours a day at his lawn care and snow removal company, but on the side in his free time, he spent countless hours and dollars inventing everything from high-powered leaf blowers, snowplows, rear mount snowplows, and multiple patents.

The real story in this podcast with Stanley Genadek Dirt Monkey is that Rick ran a successful property management business with over 40 employees and sub-contractors while financing his inventions.

It all finally paid off when he sold his invention to some big equipment companies within the industry, and later this summer, he has the new snowplow that will change the snow removal world as we know it. Throughout the podcast, Rick shares some hard lessons learned in business and life that are invaluable and could hopefully help you fast track your company's success.

About Rick Weihl

Rick Weihl started from a young age working in the landscape industry, which eventually led to him building a property management company upwards of 40+ people that focused on lawn care and snow removal. Over time, Rick focused his efforts on his true passion for inventing equipment for landscape contractors to produce equipment. After years of tirelessly working on his inventions and patents, he has finally reaped the rewards from Hurricane and SnoPower. He's sold many of his patents and designs to Boss Plows, Briggs and Stratton, and a few other big industry names. He claims himself to be an imaginer. His latest invention has three different patents, and he has five patents in total.


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