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Richard Wynia

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Standing Out Amongst The Crowd

In today's world of trends, there is only so much room for being traditional or doing what's traditionally done. Richard Wynia has built his dream business with his partner Christine Wynia. The two of them have combined their skills and build a company that not only stands out amongst the crowd but fills a significant gap in the space of landscaping.

They are the true one-stop shop in landscaping and create and build projects that fulfill their customer's wildest dreams. Of course, this all comes at a cost, but they've found their niche and regular focus on design and build work that starts at 100K and goes as high as 850K. The only they don't specialize in is landscape property maintenance. Still, their connectivity amongst their industry within the Niagara Region can see them general contract nearly any project and at any scale for a motivated residential customer.

Out latest landscape disruptors podcast with Stanley Genadek goes into the details on how Rich and Christine built the business of their dreams and the strategies and systems they implemented along the way to make it happen.

About Richard Wynia, Owner and President at Land Art

As Richard himself would say, Christine is the financial brains of the operation. Having grown up on a farm, she always felt drawn to the challenge of running a business. With a passion for numbers and analytics, she went to school to study business accounting and then went on to receive her CPA, CMA designation.

Richard, on the other hand, is the dreamer in the relationship. He began working in the industry during high school where he quickly developed an affinity for landscaping. Over the years, Richard’s passion for the craft continued to evolve; now, one of the things he enjoys most is working with you to see your ideas transform into a beautiful custom landscape that you’ll use for years.


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