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Missy Scherber

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Women in Construction and Work-Life Balance

Missy Scherber is literally paving the way for the next-gen construction entrepreneurs, women in construction, landscaping, and skilled trades in general. She manages a family, her ever-growing social media following, and is a boss woman on the construction site.

She initially left her dream job in the not-for-profit sector and team up with her husband at his demolition and excavation specialty company in the greater Minneapolis area. Since becoming the co-owner of T. Scherber Demolition and Excavation, they have become a superpower couple in business and significantly grown their company.

In this episode of the podcast with Stanley Genadek, Missy covers everything from finding the work-life balance for couples who work together and manage it. They also cover the importance of customer service and how each customer should be treated like your very first and for a good reason. Finally, of course, they get into the nitty and gritty of construction and some of Missy's invaluable lessons in business and her next step in the skilled trades.

Missy Scherber

Missy Scherber has taken the social media construction community by storm. With over 22K Instagram followers, she's a construction boss and is shining a spotlight on #womeninconstruction, the importance of society, and the role we all have in supporting each other.

Her reach is not limited to social media, either. Initially, she left her dream job in the not-for-profit sector to join her husband as the co-owner of T.Scherber Demolition, Excavating, and Roll-Offs. Missy connects with contractors and construction professionals daily, running a business, and learning the industry's ins and outs. These two combined elements of her career have given her unique insights into the industry as a whole.

Missy is inspiring the next-gen of women in construction and landscaping and is boots on the ground daily managing all things related to an excavation and demolitions specialist company.

Missy Scherber

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