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Mike Pennington

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Inspiring The Next Generation Hardscaper - Words of Wisdom from The Paver King

In the landscaping world, Paver King (Mike Pennington) in Whitby, Ontario, Canada, leads the pack in social media with his creative, Tweets, Instagram, and YouTube content. His sense of humor has inspired many, and his passion for being a skilled trades person sets the bar for the next generation who are motivated to work with their hands in an industry plagued with a skilled labor shortage.

Mike Pennington, who recently turned 50, has been a longtime self-proclaimed hardscaper and has led the charge inspiring the up-and-coming generation of hardscapers and understands the ups and downs of the industry. He shares his story of the good and the not-so-good moments throughout his career and how he's now in a place that excites him to wake up every single day to go and get the work done.

Throughout this episode, Mike and Stanley The Dirt Monkey Genadek get into what it means to be a landscaper and the role we all need to start owning within the industry to lead the next generation. Mike goes deep on ending the stigma associated with the skilled trades and how we all need to be more proud to be in the green industry.

About Mike Pennington

Mike Pennington has spent the last few decades living and breathing the ups and downs faced by all Landscape Contractors and currently calls Paver King his home. Having held every position from owner, right down to middle of the back seat riding rookie teenage laborer. Mike can offer a unique perspective from both the end of a shovel in the field and the end of a pen from the office. He prefers his office with four wheels, a V8 and a 8ft bed, and is proud to be a part of the ever changing and exciting landscape industry.

I’ve lead the #HardscapeLife
I’ve lead the #CorporateLife
I pick the #HardscapeLife
Every fu*king time 




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