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Kris Borgman

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Talking Landscape Dirt with Kris Borgman

How well do you know and understand your dirt? No, we're not talking about the job site gossip or the dirt on your boots. We're actually talking about soil. The stuff plants are grown in and how they absorb nutrients from the ground.

It's exactly what President and co-founder Kris Borgman has built his business on at Soul Solutions Monitoring. Their key message goes something like this: "It's not the total amount of nutrient in your soil, but can your soil release those nutrients in forms and rates to match plant uptake demands at critical growth stages."

And throughout this episode of the podcast with none other than Stanley Genadek the Dirt Monkey, they get into soil sampling and how taking a predictive and prescriptive approach can help make you more money and all the other applications that could apply your business. Everything from the upsell, garden enhancements, reducing plant warranty, customer trust, and so much more.

Kris Borgman

Kristopher earned his Bachelor of Science Degree in Crop and Soil Science from Washington State University and has over 24 years’ experience in agronomy, field management, and sustainable programs affecting agricultural, vineyard, turf, and natural environments. Mr. Borgman’s focus has been on Ion-Exchange Resin Soil Testing platforms in agriculture and specialty markets for the past 12 years. His company’s most recent product release, MySoil®, provides an innovative solution for homeowner and professional markets to easily test lawn and garden soils, guiding responsible and sustainable soil amendment applications that provide clear results. The customization and integration capabilities of their soil testing software is leading the industry!


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