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Growing Pains - What Matters When Scaling Your Landscape Business with Kory Ballard

Most landscape business owners in the start-up phase go through many growing pains. Initially, everything revolves around the business owner. When the owner reaches their work capacity limit, both in time and energy, they typically need to hire more staff to meet the demand for work to continue growing the company, all while streamlining systems and processes to accommodate more people and more volume.

As an owner goes through this process of business growing pains, it's relatively common to get caught up in the day-to-day operations - communications, managing people, meeting with customers, capturing more work, and the list goes on. But often, left off the list through this growing process is business development - building better financial systems to eliminate waste, utilizing software to manage the company, creating hiring processes, building company culture, incentivizing your team, just to name a few. It's walking a line of working in the business and working on the business, and Kory Ballard certainly experienced the same as he grew his company, Perficut Landscaping.

Throughout this episode, Kory and Stanley Genadek Dirt Monkey discuss everything related to growing a landscape business and the common pitfalls owners experience as they scale their company. From cash flow problems to ego getting in how you manage your team and not having the suitable systems and processes before growing the business.

About Kory Ballard

When Kory Ballard started this journey at 14 with a lawn mower and a moped he had no idea what it would become today. With partnerships between the right people and incredible passion, Kory is extremely proud of what this team has built and become today. With many lessons along the way Perficut has stuck to the philosophy of integrity, hard work and being humble throughout this journey. Kory takes tremendous pride in watching our team grow and providing an opportunity for so many great people and their families. With more than 30 years under our belt now, he is excited for the future of Perficut and honored to be a part of such a great company.


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