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The Great Equipment Debate With Kevin Forestell

Renting? Leasing? Buying? Any landscaping professional can tell you the industry is split on the issue of heavy equipment. According to Kevin Forestell, the founder of Dozr, renting is the way to go. Listen to this new episode of Landscape Disruptors to find out why!

In this episode of the Landscape Disruptor Podcast, host Stanley Genadek talks with Kevin Forestell, former landscaping business owner and current CEO of Dozr, an equipment sharing platform for the landscape and construction industry. The concept? It connects owners of high quality yet underutilized equipment with a network of trusted renters who need it. Listen to learn more about renting your heavy equipment.

The Airbnb of Heavy Equipment

Kevin started like many of us in the landscaping industry. He went to school for landscape architecture and started a landscape construction company. But within a decade, his business had grown to 400 employees. One day, while renting out an Airbnb house, he, his wife, and brother had an “aha” moment. What if there was a sharing economy platform for heavy equipment? What if the vehicles he wasn’t using for months at a time could be a source of revenue for him? So Kevin used a model that already existed - Airbnb - and adapted it to a new market.

After a few years and many successful innovations, Kevin says Dozr is now more similar to than Airbnb. Indeed, the platform brings together professionals, renters and contractors looking to rent out their equipment. Consequently, customers have great pricing, availability, and the ability to find names they know and trust as well as others they wouldn’t have found otherwise.

Leasing vs. Buying Vs. Renting

When it comes to how you get your vehicles, the landscaping industry is split. Should you lease? Should you buy? Should you rent? According to Kevin, renting is the way to go. He says he could have run a much more successful business if he had rented instead of leasing long term or buying. As a business owner, maintaining vehicles, changing tires, paying his employees for down-time was a waste of resources. Mainly since a lot of the equipment wasn’t used for months at a time. He says there are still maintenance responsibilities with long-term leasing, and it can get messy if you exit your company.

How to get the best out of your rented equipment? How to plan your exit as a business owner? Listen to this episode of Landscape Disruptors to learn all there is to know about renting your heavy equipment.

About Kevin Forestell

Kevin Forestell paved his way through the green industry, beginning with Forestell Landscape Designs, which he sold off to build a technology design service named DOZR. He is now the CEO of DOZR alongside his wife and brother as co-founders. The company provides substantial industrial equipment rental services and offers trucks, snow removal, trailers and containers, aerial work platforms, aggregate, topsoil, forestry, forklifts, irrigation, earthmoving, and agriculture equipment. Dozr serves customers within the NA market.

Kevin Forestell

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