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Kelly Dowell

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Growing Your Landscape Business with Continuous Improvement Marketing

The continuous improvement method stems from Kaizen, a concept referring to business activities that continuously improve all functions and involve all employees from the CEO to assembly line workers.

The same methodology could be applied to marketing in the landscape industry. In this episode of the podcast, Kelly Dowell from Keldo Digital covers all the current marketing strategies to enhance your landscape business and help fill the funnel with the customers you want to attract. From Facebook marketing to using text messaging as a tactic and channel to reach new customers, she and LMN CEO Mark Bradley cover it all.

Kelly Dowell specializes in helping landscape contractors build their business. Her services include website development, social media management, content & design creation, marketing & sales systems, recruiting & hiring systems, systems & growth processes.

With each project, she takes a three-step approach.

SCALABLE: She’ll collaborate with you to create proven, manageable systems that your team can execute.

REPEATABLE: Then she’ll set your systems on autopilot. With process automation and personalization, you can do it again and again with confidence in your success.

RELIABLE: When you can depend on your business systems to run smoothly, you can relax away from the office and live the life you always imagined! Growing your business doesn’t have to depend only on you. Contact Kelly to find out how technology might help your sales, marketing, or recruiting processes.

Kelly Dowell

Kelly Dowell is the owner of Keldo Digital, the creator of Recruit Like a Pro For the Green Industry Online Course, and the co-founder of the NALP Young Professionals Group.

She develops sales, marketing and recruiting solutions for lawn and landscape business owners who are trying to grow their business with less effort. She brings a unique and fresh perspective to the green industry based on her experiences in working within a family environment, understanding the millennial workforce and facing adversity with H2B and labor shortages.

Growing up in the green industry, Kelly learned not just about plants and horticulture, but also how to establish successful systems, then hire and train others to multiply the rewards. She trail-blazed nearly every position in her family's company, experiencing all angles of what it takes to run a landscape maintenance company. During her tenure, profit doubled, client retention increased, employee morale improved, and the company culture was revamped.

Winner of the 2017 Lawn and Landscape Emerging Leader Award, Kelly is recognized for solving tough problems, automating systems (that still feel personalized) and freeing up business owners to be more flexible in their lifestyles.

Kelly Dowell

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