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Joshua Martin

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Identifying Problems To Streamline Your Landscape Company and Maybe Even More...

Joshua Martin is the founder and owner of LandOne Takeoff, which he built out of necessity for his own landscape company.

Like most when creating successful products or services, Joshua identified a problem or pain point in his own business and came up with a solution for that. He built landscape software to measure properties for enhancement and to streamline the proposal design process when working with clients and enhancing their property.

In this episode of the Landscape Disruptors podcast, Joshua sits down with LMN CEO Mark Bradley. They discuss all things related to conceptualizing the business idea, executing, and everything that falls in-between when running a landscape company and building takeoff enhancement software.

They also discuss how emerging technologies are changing the landscape of the landscape industry and how contractors are doing business with their customers. The challenges of meeting customers' expectations and needs are becoming more and more time-consuming. The only way to keep the train on the tracks is to keep the funnel full and automate as many parts of your landscape business as possible. With so many complexities to the company, fast speed to value proposition is vital so you can close a sale before a competitor does.

Joshua Martin

Joshua is the founder and CEO of LandOne Software. His first job doing golf course maintenance in high school led him to study at Auburn University and graduate with a B.S. in Agronomy and Soils. He spent the majority of his time after college as a landscape estimator, designer, and project manager for one of Alabama’s top landscape and irrigation firms. After 10 years helping lead the company to see over 3x growth, he realized the need for a better digital bid process. In 2018, he changed gears to develop LandOne Takeoff, a tool that finally provides our industry with the practical software it needs to bid, design, and manage projects


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