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Funding Financial Growth in Landscaping

The latest episode of the Landscape Disruptors podcast is a thought-provoking collision of entrepreneurs featuring Jon Fry, the CEO of LendFlow, and Mark Bradley, the CEO of LMN. During this episode of the podcast, the two of them cover how to grow your landscape business wisely utilizing different methods of capital investment. Everything from strategies of attaining that working capital and how to best use it to grow your landscape business. The truth is, most revenue-generating companies have access to capital; they often don't know how to utilize it or where to look for it. Strategically, there are a few ways to grow your landscape company when you have an injection of cash, and Mark and Jon go into the details on how to make that happen.

About Jon Fry

Jon Fry is the CEO of LendFlow, a lending infrastructure that allows companies to quickly embed financial products into your software to increase engagement, improve retention, and become a source of capital for their business users. An American entrepreneur who's got his degree of Masters in Professional Accounting. His take on entrepreneurship is attributed to his family roots, but his great mindset and focus on creating a business to support small businesses have led him down the path of filling a gap.


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