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How To Motivate The Next Generation of Landscapers

Skilled labor shortage aside, another reoccurring issue plaguing our industry is mostly employee engagement, specifically around the up-and-coming generation of skilled laborers.

Generational theory, gen x, gen y, whatever you want to call it, we're not sure it matters. Anyone can work for a paycheque, but the reality is, most people want to work to build a career for themselves and find day-to-day purpose within their professional life. The average person works roughly 90,000 in their lifetime, so for an employee to seek that opportunity to grow professionally and thrive is not an unreasonable ask.

And the latest episode of Landscape Disruptors discusses just that. Stanley Genadek, the Dirt Monkey, and green industry business consultant Jackie Hart go into great detail on better engaging the next generation of skilled labor and what most people, not just the next-gen, are seeking within their professional lives.

Jacki Hart

With a career spanning over 35 years, she's collected what some might consider a bucket list worth of experience. From becoming one of Canada’s first women to hold the North American Green Industry certification for business management excellence to founding, managing and selling Water's Edge Landscaping. She's received 25 Provincial Awards of Excellence and has held the positions of director, executive committee treasurer and VP on several boards, and chairing just as many (if not more) committees.

She continues to write a monthly business management column (130+ published articles to date!), manages the Prosperity Partners program and Peer to Peer Network for Landscape Ontario, sits as treasurer for Friends of the Muskoka Watershed (soon to become the Muskoka Freshwater Foundation) and is a certified consultant for the Landscape Management Network.

And through all of it kept the CBH core values close to her heart: Clarity. Wisdom. Momentum.


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