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Greg Wittstock

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Revenue per man hour - what you need to know!

Aquascape is a landscape company specializing in pond installs and is on track to clear 60 million in revenue in 2020. Greg Wittstock, the owner, and CEO of Aquascape Academy, shares how a systematization business mindset significantly improves revenue per person-hour and the consistency in landscape production.

Greg Wittstock

Greg Wittstock, The Pond Guy, is owner and CEO of Aquascape, Inc. He has been dabbling in water gardens since the age of 12 and has a love of everything water and turtles. After experimenting with ponds for over eight years, Greg had a “light bulb” moment during a drive home from the boring summer job he took during college in 1990. He decided that he wanted to do something he loved for a living – he wanted to build ponds. Just 30 second later, he had a company name, Aquascape. The next year, he began building ponds during his breaks in the school year. From there he created the Aquascape, Inc. business model, which includes a mix of distribution, retail, and installation services.Greg is a sought-after speaker on topics ranging from water gardening to business success and strategy. He authored The Pond Guy on Marketing and has appeared on the cover of Inc. Magazine. You may have also seen him on Nat Geo Wild’s “Pond Stars” series.

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