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George Urvari

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The Art and Math of Buying and Selling Landscape Equipment

Most landscapers look at equipment as tools—a way to get the work done more efficiently and effectively without adding additional labor costs to projects. But the way George Urvari from Oriole Landscaping looks at equipment is a whole new level.

George has his numbers so dialed. He can tell you exactly his equipment to sales ratio, how it impacts his bottom line, how it improves productivity, and the list goes on.

He is a leader in the art, math, and science; yes, we said the science of buying and selling equipment. But don't take our word for it. Take the time to listen to George Urvari and Stanley Genadek the Dirt Monkey on the latest episode of the Landscape Disruptors podcast. This episode will change the way you acquire landscape equipment completely.

George Urvari

As a co-founder of Oriole Landscaping, George started the business in 1986 with friend Peter Guinane, designing and building simple landscaping projects for Toronto homeowners to put themselves through university. He finds that his awe for trees and nature in general has grown over the years. After viewing gardens all over the world, he knows that when done well, gardens will appreciate as time goes on. He looks to bring this value to Oriole clients’ properties.

George has a natural business acumen which helped to drive the development of the company from a small service venture to a company that now provides extensive and multi-faceted outdoor living spaces.

George is also a regular speaker, teacher and consultant for the landscape industry. Most recently, he has been travelling across the US, coaching other companies and helping them implement budgeting, estimating and planning software. He is a former President of the Toronto Chapter of Landscape Ontario.

He has recently been certified as an LMN consultant to provide workshops across North America and to help many more achieve success

George currently lives in the Don Mills area with his wife, Julie, and their two kids. He continues to pursue the elusive excellence in his tennis game.


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