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Eric Jones

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Landscape Community Gives Thanks - Veterans and Remembrance Day

The work ethic parallels between the green industry and those that serve within the armed forces are frequently shared. Discipline, unwavering commitment, relying on a team of people to get the work done, time management and executing on a schedule and plan, and the list goes on.

Eric Jones aka the Turf Teacher, served in the USA military for 17 years before transitioning into the green industry and operating his own company, Elite Landscape services. He now educates countless aspiring landscape contractors in horticulture and is more commonly known as a Turf Up Radio show host and advocate for the green industry on social media.

In the latest episode of Landscape Disruptors, he and Stanley Genadek, the Dirt Monkey, give thanks to those who formerly and are currently serving in the armed forces and discuss what opportunities exist in the armed forces. This is an episode you want to want to miss.

Eric Jones

Eric has been in the green industry since high school working in his parent's company Elite Landscape Service, Inc. His undergraduate degree is in Landscape Architecture and currently he is a NC Licensed Landscape Contractor, a NC Licensed Irrigation Contractor, a NC Licensed Pesticide Applicator and a NC Certified Plant Professional. Eric is also a Professor of Horticulture and Department Chair at the community college where his father got his degree in 1968.


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