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Caleb & Brittany Auman

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Couples That Work Together In Landscaping - What You Need To Know

Own a lawn and landscape company with your spouse? Any couple working together faces the highs and lows of the industry. According to Caleb and Brittany Auman, owners of Auman Landscaping LLC, operating a company with your significant other will make or break you. Listen to this dynamic episode of Landscape Disruptors to find out why!

In this episode of the Landscape Disruptor Podcast, host Stanley Genadek talks with Caleb and Brittany Auman, who not only work together in landscaping but also own and operate Auman Landscaping LLC. They open up and share strategies and advice for other couples that may work together. Listen to discover the do's and don'ts when starting a business with your significant other.

When Business and Life Collide
How do you decide what gets done? What if there is a communication issue? Who gets the company if you break up? According to Caleb and Brittany, running a business with your spouse is not for everyone. Entrepreneurship is the driving factor behind successful couples that work together. You have to want to make your lawn care company successful more than anything else. As a husband and wife duo you have to have a strong bond and want that business lifestyle. It is important to remember that business cash flow can put strains on your relationship and you may not agree with each other in all business operational aspects.

Here are some business do’s while running a company with your spouse:

  • Share the same goals and aspirations
  • Communication is essential
  • Be on the same page regarding financials and areas of expenditure
  • Make decisions on company growth together

Here are some business don'ts while running a company with your spouse:

  • Don’t get in over your head
  • Don’t treat each other as non-professionals
  • Don’t avoid difficult situations or conversations
  • Don’t bring home the work stress

Caleb and Brittany Auman: How it All Began
Husband and wife power-couple Caleb and Brittany Auman know what it takes to run a successful lawn care company. They have worked in the landscape industry for several years and have experienced the ups and downs of managing your own company.

In 2009 when Caleb and Brittany first started dating they decided to start Auman Landscaping LLC together with Brittany running the show to recover from Caleb’s first landscape business crash. Caleb and Brittany both put a huge emphasis on efficiency, planning, and organization. At first, they were conservative with overall company growth to increase net profits; however, now they have full-time field staff with Brittany running the office. Brittany and Caleb jokingly mention a majority of their issues at the beginning dealt with ways to run the office better.

Listen to this episode of Landscape Disruptors to learn all there is to know about couples that work together in the landscaping industry.

Caleb & Brittany Auman

Caleb and Brittany Auman, a husband and wife team in Central Ohio. Their 10 year old company specializes in hardscape construction, landscape design/build, and Stormwater Management. Caleb and Brittany have four employees and three small children.

Auman Landscape LLC

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