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Caleb & Brittany Auman

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Landscaping Hype House - What's All The Hype About?

Recently down in Anna Maria, Florida, landscape disruptors Brittany and Caleb Auman conceptualized and executed what is known as a Hype House event where creators come together, share ideas, create content, and build momentum.

During the week, some of the guests featured were Brian Fullerton, Shawn and Savvanah Spencer, the Green Industry Podcast, Mitchells Lawncare, and many more. From roundtable meetings conversing about their business ideas and experiences to help each other, visiting job sites, and connecting with landscape construction crews in the local area, the Hype House was an opportunity to connect and learn as much as possible in a short amount of time.

Peer groups and connecting with other like-minded landscape business owners can be incredibly powerful, especially if your peers are willing to share experiences that help expedite and grow your business into a more profitable and sustainable business.

During this episode with Caleb and Brittany Auman, they cover everything from how the Hype House came to be, what working closely with others over the years has taught them in their business, and how you can get more involved with your peers in landscaping.

Caleb & Brittany Auman

Caleb and Brittany Auman, a husband and wife team in Central Ohio. Their 10 year old company specializes in hardscape construction, landscape design/build, and Stormwater Management. Caleb and Brittany have four employees and three small children.

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Auman Landscape
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