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Brian Fullerton

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Together in Trades - How Couples That Work Together, Stay Together

It's not uncommon for couples to work together. It's not unusual for couples to own and build a business together, particularly in the landscape industry, due to the demands of getting your company up and running with little people and cash investment to get started.

Together in Trades is a new event brought to you by Caleb and Brittany Auman. And Brian, and Liz Fullerton. The event aims to help landscape business owners who are married and work together. Sharing strategies to set boundaries, balance work and personal life, and create family time.

Throughout this episode of the Landscape Disruptors podcast Brian Fullerton and Stanley Genadek deep dive into some rules of couples that work together and how they stay together. Most importantly, how to conquer the landscape World together and build an empire of your dreams for you and your family.

Brian Fullerton

Brian Fullerton started his lawn care and landscaping business back in April of 2007, with nothing more than a dream and a desire to accomplish more. Stuck in a dead end job working for a fertilizer company, with little prospects for job advancement and no college degree to fall back on, he decided to go all in with a business of his own. Safe to say the journey that followed would be one of victories and defeats, successes and failures. But through it all and despite the circumstances, he came out on top with a successful business of his own.

Brian's Lawn Maintenance

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