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Brent Giles

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How to Build High Performers in Landscaping

Solutions to problems, in most cases, don't always stem from the root of the issue. More often than not, they are complex and require a much broader and holistic look at solving the challenge.

Step into Brent Giles's world. Former landscape business owner, he worked at and led one of North America's largest snow removal providers. Entrepreneurial at heart, team builder, and now a high-performing leader in the green industry world, he's learned firsthand how to take a holistic approach to solve recruiting and retention problems in the skilled trades.

Throughout this episode, Stanley Genadek, the Dirt Monkey, and Brent Giles discuss the current challenges in retaining team members within your landscape company and how to ensure they develop into high performers within your company.

Brent Giles

Brent Giles is the Senior Vice President for Greenius Online Training and Landscape Management Network. With over thirty years of experience in the green industry, he's a high-impact leader and consultative strategic business partner who grows revenues, improves processes and develops top-performing teams.

Brent Giles

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