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Blake Albertson

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A winners mindset in landscaping

B&B Lawn Care is quickly growing their customer list and the services offered, but it's not been without its bumps along the way. Blake Albertson, the owner of the company, shares advice on how a winners mindset has been his guiding light in finding success and being able to perform on the bad and the good days.

Blake Albertson

My name is Blake Albertson and I am a 22 year old kid trying to document my life and work towards my dream! For the past couple years I have been on the other side of the screen, watching people go on fun adventures, fall down and get back up and just create an audience that gets to hang out with them everyday. I eventually developed a passion to create videos myself and have had something inside me say go all in on vlogs. After I spent 2017, traveling all around the United States, I told my beautiful girlfriend (Natalee) that I wish we had video of all those cool experiences. That was the line in the sand and what made me say today is the day we are going to start vlogging our lives! We travel a lot, eat a lot, and do some pretty cool things! I hope you enjoy life as much as we do!

B&B Lawn Care

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