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Anne of All Trades

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Believe and Achieve - How Anne of All Trades Has Built The Career of Her Dreams

From getting her education, living in Asia, and soul searching while holding down a day job, Anne Briggs knows what it means to trial and error and recalibrate along the way until she figures it out.

Over the past ten years, Anne has worked exceptionally hard at acquiring the experience needed to chase her passion for building, woodworking, farming, and every other skilled trade you can imagine. Her vast skill set has led to paving the path for the next generation of skilled tradesmen and women. An ever-growing online and in-person audience has enabled her to chase her dreams and generate a living from her hard-earned skills.

Throughout this episode of Landscape Disruptors, Anne and Stanley Dirt Monkey Genadek go deep on how Anne essentially created something significant from chasing her passion and dreams in the skilled trade world. The relatable trials and tribulation stories shine through during this podcast episode with lessons learned that you will undoubtedly fast-track your business or career in meaningful and valuable ways.

About Anne of All Trades

Anne, known as Anne of All Trades, is a farmer, builder, and educator intent on preserving disappearing life skills. 8 years ago, with very little prior knowledge of farming or building things, she set out on a journey to become more involved in every aspect of her life, to get out of the tech industry, to leave the city, and to encourage folks to join her in the pursuit of something better. Now she and her husband Adam live on acreage in Nashville, TN where she’s raising and selling dairy, beef, eggs, building heirloom quality furniture, and has made a career teaching people those disappearing life skills, both in person and online. Using social media platforms like Blogging, Instagram and YouTube, Anne shares a roadmap for people looking to get more out of their time, find financial freedom, and build their community. Learning new skills and growing deep roots all starts with taking stock of what you’ve got available, and using it to get what you need.

Anne of All Trades
Anne of All Trades

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