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Aaron Witt

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Experiential Learning - How Aaron Witt built a wildly successful marketing construction agency

Aaron Witt from BuildWitt built a construction agency at the age of 25. In this episode of the podcast, he talks us through how following his passion for construction and learning trial by fire and recalibrating along the way has led him to establish a niche business. Mastering marketing, branding, employee recruitment, and business specificity has served Aaron Witt well. The sky is the limit as they begin to master all the functions related to business.

Aaron Witt

Aaron loves dirt! He celebrated his sixth birthday party at the local Caterpillar dealer, and he hasn't left the sandbox since.

His original plan was to start a construction company. To prepare, he worked for as many construction companies as he could while studying engineering.

After a few years in the dirt world, he realized that the trades industry needed to change and adapt to guarantee a bright future for earthmoving. He turned in his company truck, quit a good job, and started BuildWitt Media Group with the mission of "making the dirt world a better place."

His business plan is simple. Partner with the most forward-thinking heavy civil, mining, equipment, and demolition companies out there and solve whatever problems they face, from marketing to recruiting to business development.


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