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A Labor of Love - Leaving the Oil and Gas Industry for Landscaping

It's a well-known fact that most landscapers work in landscaping simply because they love it. Whether your an equipment junkie, love the outdoors, the skilled trades, or the satisfaction of seeing a hands-on project come to reality, the green industry has a lot to offer. In this episode of the podcast, Ryann describes his role in the oil and gas industry, working for a Texas land oil drilling rig, and why he's fallen in love with landscaping.

After years of contemplating his departure from the energy sector and having a flexible work schedule of two weeks on two weeks off, he's finally ready to leap into landscaping. Outfitted with a reliable Ford F350 6.0 diesel truck, a used skid loader, and some hand tools, he's taken an entrepreneur hands-on approach to landscape. From researching retaining walls, listening to Stanley Dirt Monkey, and consuming every bit of landscape content he can, he's a self-taught himself and slowly building his portfolio as he goes.

His game plan is to continue building his portfolio and collecting pictures for his website, followed by turning to social media to help be found by new customers. His crawl, walk, and run approach is a good strategy while he slowly exits his day jobs and gets the hands-on experience required to run a landscape business. Stanley also offers some retaining wall advice and adequately installing the base when using a particular manufactured stone.

Ryan Hurka

My name is Ryan Hurka, I’m from Pittsburgh Pa and I just turned 27 years old. I’ve spent the last 9 years in and out of the oil/gas industry and have spent most of 2020 desperately searching for a new career. The oil/gas industry can be great for some people but for me it stopped being something I was passionate about and began to let me down. I came across videos of landscape and equipment from Dirt Monkey and was hooked right off the bat. His insight to the industry and the knowledge he passes on through his videos and the podcast was exactly what I needed. This supercharged my drive to make a new path in life so I invested in myself, became my own boss, and started my own company in the “green” industry.


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