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Love your numbers - commonly asked questions with Mike Lysecki

At first, building a landscape business is mostly a creative process. You are coming up with solutions or services to problems or inconveniences for customers attracted to render your companies services. You take on work, start generating revenue, build a customer list, and soon before you know it, you have yourself a business.

But as business advances, your time becomes limited, and many of the more subtle but just as essential details become more critical in your success. In this episode of the podcast, Stanley Genadek hosts Cheif Technical Officer Mike Lysecki. Mike is in charge of all software developments at LMN, but before that, he spearheaded the operations team of a multi-million dollar landscape company. His latest development is field labor reports. An algorithm that runs the numbers and instantly shows you a breakdown of your most profitable work. So, now you don't have to take on every job. You know where is the best bang for the buck.

Mike's many years of experience in landscaping shines through as Stanley asks some tough questions and what becomes apparent is how important it is to love and understand your numbers. It's not just about mastering your operations, but genuinely understanding them to make informed decisions becomes evident if you want to grow or be profitable in landscaping. Happy listening!

Mike Lysecki

Mike Lysecki heads up software development and drives innovation in his role as CTO for LMN. Now the landscape industry’s most popular business management software, LMN was built from his need to streamline efficiencies as the Director of Operations at TBG, one of North America’s Top 100 landscape companies.

What began as a proprietary system to centralize and organize everything from estimating and scheduling through to invoicing quickly grew into a platform that met a broader market need. From there, LMN was born.

Today, Mike’s primary focus is develop and expand the software in a rapidly evolving industry. Mike studied Commerce and Software Engineering at McMaster University and is frequently invited to speak on many business management topics at events worldwide.

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Mike Lysecki

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