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Season 1

Season 1 of Landscape Disrupters is enriched with tips and tricks to help landscapers build profitable and efficient companies of their own. This platform offers an extensive array of advice on business operations building company culture, hardscaping secrets, lead generation, and anything else you'll need to grow your landscape company.

Viewers turn to Season 1 for inspiration and new ideas while gaining industry knowledge from top professionals. Some of our key speakers from Season 1 include Mark Bradley, the CEO of LMN, and Troy Clogg, one of the most successful snow removal providers in North America. Our professionals give step-by-step advice on strategies to implement in daily operations to help build profitable landscape companies.

As a business owner, it is crucial to seek resources that help motivate and guide you on the path to success. Landscape Disrupters is that resource covering a variety of expert industry topics along with relevant case studies aimed at moving your landscape business forward. It is important to note that scaling a landscape company takes time and dedication; however, by utilizing the right resources available to you, you can accomplish your business goals and objectives in no time.

The goal of Landscape Disrupters is simple – providing viewers with the tools and knowledge needed to help landscapers succeed. Our team is committed to revolutionizing the landscape industry and building on the transformative potential of landscape professionals.

To put this in perspective, every single person on your installation crew, brought in $281 dollars per hour, this isn’t theoretical projected this is bass-akwards historical records from the year before.

Stanley Dirt Monkey

Instead of going horizontal, I went vertical. By concentrating our efforts on service up-sell, we've taken an annual lawn maintenance customer value from around $900 per year, all the way up to $3000-5000 per year. I've doubled my landscape company revenue, without adding more employees and without the headaches of trying to manage to large of a customer list.

Brian Fullerton

They ran a demo with one of their crews, and they range day, and the crew cam back 2 hours earlier and that’s significant. Not just they came back 2 hours early, but you have to ask your self, well how much more work could have been done without excepting more effort in that same day, that’s sheer profit at that point… And we hear those types of numbers all the time. It’s not uncommon to get 20-30% improvement in your production for your labour, by simply getting the right equipment.

Ed Wright

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