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Winter Blues - Changing Business Processes With the Seasons

Depending on where you're located, the seasonal changes are inevitable as the leaves shift color, and the temperatures slowly drop. If your business isn't prepared for the weather or upcoming project timelines change, you might get left out in the cold. It happens to the best of business owners as Landscape Disruptors host, Stan Genadek, and guest, Brittany Auman, talk about their current struggles heading into the winter blues.

In this episode of Landscape Disruptors, Stan and Brittany tackle planned contracts dropping off, difficult customers, the labor shortage, keeping employees paid, and the steps they take in their businesses to keep sales flowing and stress levels down.

About Brittany Auman

Brittany Auman's 10 year old company, Auman Landscape LLC, is based in Central Ohio, specializing in hardscape construction, landscape design/build, and Stormwater Management. Brittany partners with her husband, Caleb, and has four employees and three small children.

Auman Landscape LLC

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