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Welcome to Landscape Disruptors a fun, light hearted, and entertaining platform that showcases top performers in the landscape and snow industry and celebrates the messiness of running a landscape business.

This is a platform for sharing advice related to helping landscapers build successful and well-planned out businesses of their own. Viewers can expect a variety of guest experts to talk about all functions related to business, including sales, marketing, making better equipment decisions, and various other topics that will help you build a more efficient and more profitable landscape company.

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“When you can have a few people you can depend on as you start to scale up, it will make it so much easier. Good people either cost you money or make you money, at any level. So if you can find somebody that you can lean on, even when you’re just starting out and if you have to pay them a bit more, it will earn you so much in time and money as you grow the business.”

Jeffrey Scott

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